Graves Gilbert Clinic is pleased to announce the addition of seven new physicians to its ever-expanding team of specialists.

GGC’s radiology team is gaining Doctors Leslie K. Tutt, Rodney D. Veitschegger, Jr., and Sean T. Willgruber of Bowling Green, and the internal medicine group is gaining Doctors Kamal Singh and Kushal Singh of Russellville, Doctor Pravin Avula of Smith’s Grove, and Doctor Anson Hsieh of Bowling Green.

Each of the established, respected, experienced physicians brings to Graves Gilbert Clinic a fresh perspective and guarantees to match the Clinic’s unrivaled enthusiasm for providing the advanced healthcare our patients deserve and expect.

Simply providing good old-fashioned care to our patients can be difficult due to new regulations and dealing with insurance companies,” Dr. Kamal Singh said. “Banding together as a group with GGC, we can focus on providing quality care with compassion while the Clinic’s talented administrative team handles the management aspects of the practice.

Dr. Pravin Avula shares Singh’s sentiments saying, “I am excited at the opportunity to affiliate with the Graves Gilbert family of physicians and staff to better provide a quality experience to our patients.

This is an interesting and exciting time in healthcare,” Clinic CEO Chris Thorn said. “These physicians are smart, successful and passionate about their patients’ welfare. They each had several different practice opportunities and chose Graves Gilbert Clinic. This further validates our vision for improving comprehensive patient care while simultaneously controlling costs. We are constantly looking to add new talent to our already accomplished GGC team, so we’re thrilled to welcome these new physicians on board.

Patients can expect to receive the same high quality of personalized care they have always known from each of the Internal Medicine physicians at their current offices in Logan County, Smiths Grove and Bowling Green.

For more information, please call 270.781.5111.

Media questions can be directed to Chris Thorn, CEO 270-780-0549