Make an Appointment: 270.783.3343 Urological Care Bladder: incontinence, dysuria, frequency, interstitial cystitis, nocturia, overactive bladder, enuresis, etc. Cancers: Bladder, Kidney, and Prostate Erectile dysfunction Hypogonadism- low testosterone Kidney stones Prostate: BPH-enlarged prostate, elevated PSA, etc. Penile/Scrotal/Testicular: pain/swelling, hydroceles, varicoceles, lesions, peyronies, etc. Prosthetics (penile implants and artificial urinary sphincters) Urinary Tract- UTI infections Vasectomy Other…

Sleep Medicine

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Ear Nose & Throat

Make an Appointment: 270.781.5111 ProceduresClarifixLateraBalloon Sinus DilationEustachian Tube Balloon dilationClarifix for constant runny nose (Chronic Rhinitis) Disease State: Chronic Rhinitis Patients who suffer from allergic and non-allergic rhinitis as well as congestion. Patients who suffer from rhinitis that is concomitant with Sinusitis. Solution: ClariFix A cryotherapy procedure that targets the posterior nasal nerve that has become overactive…


The department of Cardiology at Graves Gilbert Clinic specializes in issues regarding the cardiovascular system, such as the heart, arteries, and veins. For emergencies regarding your heart, call 911 immediately.Make an Appointment: 270.781.5111 DoctorsOther ProvidersLocations