Samer Kalakish

Samer R. Kalakish, M.D.

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Year Joined GGC: 2009
MD Degree: American University of Beirut School of Medicine, Beirut, Lebanon
Post Graduate Training: American University of Beirut School of Medicine (General Surgery), Beirut Lebanon; Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Urology), Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Samer Kalakish, M.D. now offers patients cutting edge Greenlight Laser technology in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), better known as an enlarged prostate.

Having effectively treated more than 500,000 patients worldwide, the Greenlight Laser procedure is minimally invasive and uses laser light to precisely remove tissue. Natural urine flow is rapidly restored in most patients.

Typically, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you go home the same day, and many patients can go home without a urinary catheter.

Compared with traditional surgical options, Greenlight Laser Therapy is associated with fewer sexual side effects, significantly less blood loss, notably faster recovery, shorter hospital stay, and shorter catheterization time.

Greenlight Laser Therapy allows you to get back to living your life without the hassles of remembering to take BPH pills, dealing with inconvenient side effects, and paying for pricey prescription medications.

Talk to Dr. Kalakish today to find out if Greenlight Laser Therapy is right for you. It just might be your best option for symptom relief from an enlarged prostate.

Download a Greenlight Laser Procedure Patient Education Brochure below for more information.