Maire Blankenship APRN

Maire Blankenship, APRN

Year Joined GGC: 2013
Nursing Degree: Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
Nurse Type: Nurse Practitioner
Post Graduate Training: Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Direct Line: 270.783.3369

Maire Blankenship, APRN earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Vanderbilt University in 1987. She later attended Western Kentucky University where she received a Master of Science degree in Nursing in 2010 and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Nursing at WKU.

Maire has fulfilled numerous healthcare positions throughout her career, including Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Trainer and Staff Nurse in Oncology at The Medical Center at Bowling Green, Staff Nurse in GI/GU/Neurology at King’s Daughters’ Medical Center in Ashland, KY, and Unit Manager at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford, MS.

Maire is also very active in the local community serving as an American Cancer Society Board member and as a volunteer at the Free Clinic at the Medical Center.