alterg_treadmill_mikeGraves Gilbert Physical Therapy is excited to announce that they have recently obtained an Alter G antigravity treadmill. The staff is offering free trials to the running and walking community for the month of April. The Alter G uses NASA technology, Differential Air Pressure, to apply a comfortable lifting force to your body. The alter G enables the runner or walker to exercise in a controlled 20% to 100% weight bearing environment. The Alter G allows you to start out walking or running at 20% or higher weight bearing with the capability of increasing to 100% weight bearing. This decreased weight bearing environment decreases your pain and pressure on the lower extremity joints, ligaments and muscles. This technology allows a runner or walker to continue receiving the benefits of this type of exercise with NO PAIN.

Graves Gilbert Physical Therapy is offering this free trial for the month of April. Call 270.780.0552 to make an appointment for your free trial. If you are presently being seen by a physician for your lower extremity injury you will need an order from your physician to try the Alter G.