Graves Gilbert Clinic Bankruptcy Verdict Response

Like many other businesses, Graves Gilbert Clinic has faced significant challenges in recent years. These challenges have only served to amplify the struggles that companies in every industry are dealing with, including ours.

The clinic has taken a significant hit, but we are taking every possible measure to ensure the future of our clinic. Our doctors, nurses, and the entire staff of Graves Gilbert Clinic are still dedicated to providing their patients with the highest quality care at the best prices. We believe that Graves Gilbert Clinic will emerge from this situation stronger than before.

We thank you for your trust in our clinic and assure you that we will continue to provide the best possible care to our patients and their families.

mike d'eramo

  I’m a big believer in alternative dispute resolution. If a patient is harmed, the first thing you need to do is apologize. The second thing you need to do is make sure that money and bills are reconciled and the patient is taken care of.   ~ Mike D’Eramo, CEO

Graves Gilbert Clinic continues to give back to the South Central Kentucky Area